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Electrical Fittings

We now supply a small range of electrical fittings for replacing the lamp holders and cables on table lamps. 

Always get expert advice for all major electrical repairs.
Contact your electrical supplier or a qualified electrician if in doubt about any electrical repairs.

We hold a small stock of essential lamp holders for table lamps including Bayonet Cap B22 and Edison Screw E27, in Brass, Plastic and Bakelite.
Cables with Plugs or LampholdersCables with Plugs or Lampholders
We have electrical plugs pre wired with cables to connect to lamp holders, or lamp holders wired to connect to plugs with switches.
Bottle Lampholder Adaptor Conversion KitBottle Lampholder Adaptor Conversion Kit
Clip on LightClip on Light
Purelite Portable Craft LampPurelite Portable Craft Lamp
Pottery nipples

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