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Lampshade Frames - Hard Shades

We stock a range of frames which are suitable for making all types of shades including 
Drums, Cylinders, Coolie, Square, Rectangle, Oval  and Triangular shapes. 

Manufactured in the UK, using quality heavyweight wire and painted white.
Our frames can be used for all UK and European lamps and pendants.

Lampshade Panels
If you need a panel for your ring we now supply self adhesive panels for all sizes in a number of heights.
click here for more details

Circular Frames - Drum and CylinderCircular Frames - Drum and Cylinder
We stock a comprehensive range of round frames that can be used to make lampshades that use a circular ring including Drum, Cylinder and Candle shades.
Duplex Frames - use with Shade CarriersDuplex Frames - use with Shade Carriers
The High End...These frames are fitted with Duplex rings that are used with shade carriers and spider fittings. We have frames for Drums, Cylinder, Coolie and Empire shapes.
US Washer Fitting  (1/2")US Washer Fitting (1/2")
The washer fitting (1/2" ring) is the most common lamp fitting in the US. This fitting will fit lamps that use a harp to hold the shade. The decorative finial can then be screwed on top.
Oval FramesOval Frames
These frames will make Oval Lampshades for pendant or table lamp use.
Rectangle FramesRectangle Frames
These frames will make Rectangle Lampshades for pendant or table lamp use.
Square FramesSquare Frames
These frames will make Square Lampshade for pendant or table lamp use.
Triangle FramesTriangle Frames
These frames will make Triangles Lampshade for pendant or table lamp use.
Half Frames / Wall LightsHalf Frames / Wall Lights
Make your own half shade to fit wall lights, UK fittings only.
Shade Carriers & AccessoriesShade Carriers & Accessories
We stock a range of shade carriers that can be used for British (BC) or European (EC) Fittings with Duplex rings. We also stock shade reducer fittings.

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