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Lampshades, Lighting & Table Lamps

We supply everything you need to make your own lampshades.  Whether you are a novice, a tinkerer or someone looking to start a business, we have a solution for you.  Our experience in providing lampshade making supplies to international markets over the past 35 years has enabled us to develop a range of products to meet all your requirements.

Use the links below.   

Lampshade Making KitsLampshade Making Kits
Make professional lampshades with our easy to use kits. We have Drum, Oval, Square and Coolie styles available in lots of sizes.
Lampshade MaterialsLampshade Materials
We manufacture and supply a wide variety of lampshade materials: plastics, pvc, fabrics, papers and self-adhesive products.
Lampshade Frames  - Hard ShadesLampshade Frames - Hard Shades
A hard shade is made by laminating fabric or wallpaper onto PVC or card and then attaching the frames. We stock Drum, Coolie, Oval, Square, Rectangle and Triangle style frames to fit all UK, Euro and US fittings.
Lampshade Frames - Soft ShadesLampshade Frames - Soft Shades
All the components to create custom made tailored lampshades in the textile of your choice. We will help you learn the traditional skills to make top quality professional soft lampshades, make patterns, bind frames and hand sew.
Lamp BasesLamp Bases
Quality hardwood lamp bases that are wired, tested and ready to finish in your colour choice using paint, wax or oil.
Wall Mounted Lighting SystemsWall Mounted Lighting Systems
We have a number of systems that can be used from a kit using your covering of choice.
Lampshade Making Panels / TemplatesLampshade Making Panels / Templates
We supply a range of self-adhesive lampshade panels for all the rings that we stock. We offer four sizes of panels for every ringsize.
Lampshade TrimmingsLampshade Trimmings
We have a range of trimmings available to enhance and finish your lampshades including stunning diamond, pearl and crystal glass beads. Tassels and fringe with matching braids.
Lampshade DiffusersLampshade Diffusers
Diffusers are used to diffuse the light from a lampshade. We have several styles available such as foamex, translucent, louvered and textile.
Lampshade Binding TapesLampshade Binding Tapes
We have a range of lampshade binding tapes that can be used to finish your lampshade.
Misc - Tools - D/S Tapes- Glue - Flame Sprays- Wrap - Knifes - PackingMisc - Tools - D/S Tapes- Glue - Flame Sprays- Wrap - Knifes - Packing
Self-adhesive tapes for lampshade seams, EVA adhesives, double-sided tapes, lampshade wrapping paper (hand cobs) lampshade making tools, knives, shears, flame retardant sprays and packing materials.
Electrical FittingsElectrical Fittings
We supply replacement lamp-holders and switched cables for repairing lamps and also a clip light system.
Help, Advice, ResourcesHelp, Advice, Resources
Useful information to help you create great lighting products. We provide details of lampshade making workshops for you to try.
Trade SectionTrade Section
Click here to enter our trade section which is subject to minimum order criteria.
Manufacturers' PacksManufacturers' Packs
These packs are designed for small manufacturers which include all the essential components to make products economically.

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